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Priced Out of Flying This Year? This New Low-Cost Ticket Site May Have A Deal For You.

After two years of coronavirus lockdowns and ticket discounts, the desire for air travel has nearly reached an insatiable level, and rising fuel costs have contributed to airfares that are higher than they were before the outbreak. According to the travel site, the price of a round-trip economy ticket on an international flight from the United States to locations in Europe such as London and Barcelona is predicted to average more than $1,600 this summer.

When compared to around $1,300 over the same time period in 2019, this is a 23-percent increase in cost.

But vacationers who are seeking for low-cost flights can come across something intriguing: low-cost discounts on ticket sites that the passengers probably never have probably never heard of. That’s were Travel Anjode comes in with some of the cheapest flight ticket prices from our research. Since the year 2021, at least eight new low-cost ticket sites have joined the market. These ticket sites will be entering the ranks of the more than a dozen low-cost flight ticket sites, such as ASAP Tickeys, Kayak, and Travel Anjode, which are currently in operation. They are advertising two-way domestic and international trips for less than $200.



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