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STARC Systems Launches FireblockWall™, the First Modular Reusable One-Hour Fire-Rated Temporary Containment Solution

In occupied healthcare facilities, FireblockWallTM prevents fires, is four times quicker to install than drywall, and has improved noise-blocking capabilities. It addresses some of the most difficult temporary containment concerns faced by contractors and facility managers.

STARC Systems, a manufacturer of temporary modular wall containment solutions used for occupied renovations and infection isolation, today introduced FireblockWallTM, the first modular reusable one-hour fire-rated temporary containment system. FireblockWallTM is a one-hour fire-rated temporary containment system that is modular and reusable. STARC will begin accepting orders in June, with delivery beginning in the early summer of that same year.

Benefits of FireblockWall

It puts out flames at healthcare facilities, ensuring the safety of patients, workers, and visitors.

The drywall is installed in 90 minutes with just two employees, which is believed to be four times quicker than regular drywall. In addition, there is no taping, mudding, sanding, painting, or clean up after the drywall is installed.

A fire-rated wall must be built from the floor up to the deck above in order to comply with NFPA 101 or the International Building Code. When properly erected, FireblockWall, with its perimeter tracks, specifically designed panels, including pre-built negative air panels and doors, and supporting components, satisfies the standards of a one-hour fire-rated listed installation.

With an STC rating of 40, this temporary containment system is 65 percent quieter than any other temporary containment system now on the market.

Exceeds the criteria of ICRA Class IV (infection control), ASTM E119, and ASTM E84 standards.

This product is affordable, the panels are sturdy, and they can be used on a variety of jobs. It often pays for itself after just 3-5 uses and delivers continued cost savings.

Reduced carbon footprint because the sleek, reusable walls reduce the amount of trash and rubbish that would otherwise be generated during the construction and demolition of drywall.

Easy air management, with a negative air panel to discharge air and keep harmful dust off the ground, as well as a damper that automatically shuts when temperatures above 165 degrees. Additionally, an air monitor panel is included that is compatible with all standard manometers and has a 2″ rated pass-through for wiring to facilitate installation.



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